Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daniel Strack - US

Here is a post i am very excited about, there's a bunch of woodworkers that are also luthiers, and there a few other luthiers that are also woodworkers, or maybe its the other way around, never mind...

Daniel Strack is a surpirising woodworker and luthier, his philosophy is propositive towards "reclaimed" wood, that i think is important, and so i have asked Daniel to send me some pictures of his workshop,
until then please take a look at his web site:
and blog:
here is a pic of his bench:

"You may have seen Dan Strack's work before on Apartment Therapy, and for good reason. It's stunning. From custom guitars to elegant dining tables, Dan is committed to reclaiming discarded wood and crafting pieces that are as visually compelling as they are useful. I recently talked to Dan about his journey as a woodworker and his passion for using reclaimed wood.
Dan's journey as a woodworking rebel with a sustainable cause began when he was just a kid. Inspired by his grandfathers, both of whom were craftsmen, Dan started out building skateboard ramps using scrap wood and his dad's tools, and even built his first guitar when he was only 16. During his years apprenticing at top furniture and instrument-making companies, he noticed that a lot of usable wood was being discarded. Dan knew there was potential in the scrapped wood, so he began raiding the dumpsters, filling his car with wood scraps, and crafting custom pieces during his free time.
While he is no longer raiding dumpsters for wood scraps, Dan is still committed to using reclaimed wood in his work. Since he is currently based in Chicago, he works often with companies like Horigan Urban Forest, an eco-friendly Midwestern lumber company.
Why Reclaimed Wood?
Dan works with reclaimed wood because, as he notes, "one company's scraps can be passed on to someone who can make use of it, and so on, until there's nothing left...using every part of the buffalo, so to speak. Too many companies just throw things away without thinking about it."
Using wood scraps also allows Dan to weave together contrasting wood types, such as maple and walnut, which lend a bold, modern look to his work. He is also happy to work with clients on custom orders, including customizing wood types and dimensions.
For more of Dan's work or to contact him regarding custom furniture and guitars, head on over to Daniel Strack Woodworking."

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